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Reduced admission: Valid for seniors over 65, children from 4 to 14 years old, students with accreditation card, unemployed and people with reduced mobility.
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The Van Gogh Greatest Hits exhibit returns to Seville with important new features created by Artificial Intelligence

  • High-powered projectors and a multi-screen system make the visitor feel as if he or she has stepped into Van Gogh’s work.
  • In fact, the exhibition presents a room with advanced 3D technology that recreates “Starry Night” where visitors can walk inside the work. Meanwhile, in the UV room, dedicated to “Almond Trees in Blossom”, the painting becomes a neon space in which the viewer is immersed. Completing the exhibition is another space dedicated to the life of Van Gogh, with reproductions of his most famous paintings and several of his portraits made with lenticular technology or “MorphinInstagram users their best photo at the entrance of the exhibition where an innovative canvas of the artist’s most famous work, “Sunflowers”, is installed.An educational, attractive and interesting exhibition, perfect for the whole family, which helps neophytes in the art world to get to know one of the masters of expressionism, as well as experts in Art History to discover a new vision of the work.VAN GOGH GREATEST SUCCESSES also offers didactic content, facts and curiosities about the life of the author, an artist appreciated only after his death, whose works are among the most expensive in the world.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN AT THE VAN GOGH GREATEST SUCCESSES EXHIBITION
    • More than 1,000 references of Van Gogh’s works.
    • Curious details of the biography
    • of the painter and his heritage.
    • The author’s habits, secrets, quirks, fears and desires.
    • How his art captures a life full of suffering, madness, mysticism and melancholy.
    • Creative twists, perceptions and senses of the artist.
    • A more modern view of his best known and most expensive works.
    • An innovative world of images, sounds, emotions and colors.Seville’s Pabellón de la Navegación hosts this new exhibition from October 12Sevilla, October 12. The work of the Dutch painter comes to Seville thanks to the exhibition VAN GOGH GREAT SUCCESSES. It is an immersive exhibition in which the viewer manages to enter the canvases of the great artist.The exhibition returns to the Navigation Pavilion of Seville on October 12 with important developments based on the use of Artificial Intelligence.VAN GOGH GREAT SUCCESSES offers a journey through the art, life, imagination and impression of the great Dutch painter thanks to a large multi-screen system and high power projectors, about 12,000 lumens, which allow the viewer to know in a totally different and much more complete way the work of the great artist. By combining art, color, lighting, music and new technologies, VAN GOGH GRANDES ÉXITOS manages to create a new concept of museum, much more interactive and emotional, making the artist and spectator converge and coexist through the work of art, transforming all the surfaces of the rooms into virtual canvases. The paintings come to life through projections up to six meters high, accompanied by a carefully chosen soundtrack, guiding the visitor through an unforgettable cultural experience.



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Venue: SEVILLA Pabellón de la Navegación, Camino de los Descubrimientos, 2, 41092 Sevilla

Coordinates: 37.3942° N, 6.0080° W