Van Gogh


After a huge success in cities around the world, such as: Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, Dubai, Berlin or the Parisian museum “Atelier des Lumières”, the time has come for great art combined with new technology to come to Katowice! The world-wide multisensory exhibition of the greatest works of VINCENT VAN GOGH will be hosted soon in your city.

VAN GOGH Multi-Sensory Exhibition is the most innovative form of experiencing art! The works of the famous artist will be presented thanks to the Digital Art 360 technology, which takes viewers into the amazing world of the great master’s imagination. In a specially arranged exhibition space, on screens with an area of over 2,000 m2, you will be able to see hundreds of works and literally immerse yourself in the world of paintings. All the artist’s works are displayed as large-format canvas, vibrant with colors. The walls around and the floor will turn into a fascinating story about the painter’s life and work. The exhibition program will also focus on VAN GOGH’s letters to his brother Theo. The brothers’ correspondence became no less important than Vincent’s painting. In honest texts, he reflected his views of the world and himself, thanks to this content, we can learn more about his life from the original source. The letters undoubtedly testify to VINCENT’s literary talent. The entire visual cycle of the exhibition will be enriched with atmospheric, carefully selected music and the voice of the actor Robert Gulaczyk, who played the role of Van Gogh in the famous Polish film from 2017. All this will introduce us to the inner world of VAN GOGH and improve the impression of modern contact with art, allow us to better appreciate the artistic style of VAN GOGH and move with it to the Netherlands, Paris, Arles, Saint-Rémy de Provence and Auvers-sur-Oise where his greatest masterpieces were created.


VINCENT VAN GOGH is an artist appreciated only after his death, who over the last years of his life painted over 2,000 paintings and wrote over 600 letters – to this day in the collections of the largest and most important museums, galleries and art collectors around the world. His canvases are currently among the most expensive works on the market. Now, thanks to the Digital Art 360 technology, we have a chance to see them in 1 place and in a completely different form. Forget about traditional sightseeing! Get ready for a vibrant symphony of lights, colors and sounds that will transport you into the creative world of an artist’s painting. The multimedia exhibition comes to life thanks to the intense, expressive colors and the most famous works of the artist – from the iconic “Sunflowers”, through “Starry Night” or “Self-portrait”. This is a unique idea to spend time with your loved ones. The exciting world of VAN GOGH will interest both those who are just beginning their adventure with the history of art, and experienced experts in the painter’s work.

Watching artwork has never been so exciting! VAN GOGH Multi-Sensory Exhibition is an immersive and absorbing cultural experience that will allow viewers to encounter art in an unprecedented way and change their perception of traditional museum visits!