Van Gogh


  1. The regulations apply to the exhibition entitled “VAN GOGH. GRANDES ÉXITOS”, organised from June 06, 2024 to September 15, 2024,  referred to as “the Exhibition”.
  2. The organiser of the exhibition is RAMPROART, S.L. in Madrid, at the following address: Calle Princesa 31, referred as “Organizer”.
  3. Entrance to the exhibition area is payable and possible only upon presentation of a valid admission ticket or identification issued by the Organizer. The ticket price list is available at the box office and on the website: www.van-gogh.es. Once the tickets are issued, no refunds can be made. The ticket is not valid for another day.
  4. Entry to the exhibition area by a minor is only possible under adult supervision. An exhibit employee may ask the Visitor to present photo identification to determine the age of the Visitor.
  5. The admission ticket is valid only for the date and time of entry specified on the ticket. However, a visitor with a ticket issued for one hour earlier or later may enter the Exhibition area, current attendance permitting.
  6. The Exhibition staff has the right to suspend entry to the Exhibition if the number of spectators exceeds the maximum number of visitors at any given time. In such a situation, the Visitor may wait for the possibility to enter the Exhibition or change the admission ticket at the ticket office for a different time / date.
  7. The entrance ticket is for single use only, after crossing the exit doors it is not possible to re-enter the Exhibition area on the basis of the same ticket.
  8. The Visitor is obliged to keep the ticket presented until the exit of the Exhibition.
  9. Visitors must leave their warm clothes, bags, backpacks and other luggage in the cloakroom (box office), except for bags with dimensions of max. 30cmx40cm.
  10. It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects and substances into the exhibition area, for example: knives, weapons, ammunition, explosives, telescopic batons, etc. for the purpose of the necessary determination of their identity, as well as the requirement to leave the Exhibition in justified cases.
  11. Visitors are obliged to strictly comply with current sanitary and epidemiological regulations, as well as with the guidelines and recommendations issued by the competent authorities and institutions based on the same. If the visitor does not comply with these rules, the organiser may refuse entry to the exhibition area or require the visitor to leave the exhibition area immediately.
  12. During the tour, you should follow the comments and recommendations of the exhibition staff.
  13. All failures, damage and destruction must be reported immediately to the Exhibition staff.
  14. The subject matter and specificity of the exhibit may evoke various emotions or psychosomatic reactions. Entrance to the exhibition area is the responsibility of the visitor or his/her legal guardian. The visitor has the right to leave the exhibition at any time, without the right to return on the basis of the same ticket.
  15. Visitors with food and beverages will not be admitted to the exhibit area.
  16. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the exhibition area.
  17. It is forbidden to bring animals into the exhibition area.
  18. It is not possible to access the fairgrounds with a bicycle, scooter or rollerblades.
  19. Persons under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other narcotic substances will not be allowed to enter the exhibition.
  20. The guardians of minors are responsible for the behaviour of their caretakers and for any damage caused by them.
  21. The organiser and its employees or subcontractors are not responsible for fortuitous events, health events, material losses, damages, etc. resulting from the specificity of the exhibition and non-compliance with the rules set out in these regulations or the orders of the exhibition staff.
  22. In case of inappropriate behaviour during the visit, the Exhibition staff reserves the right to remove or apprehend individuals who are disturbing other Visitors or posing a threat to the safety of persons or property in order to hand them over to the Police.
  23. Visitors to the Exhibition acknowledge that the exhibits and equipment of the Exhibition constitute property of significant value within the meaning of Art. 115 § 5 of the Criminal Code, or property of great value within the meaning of Art. 115 § 6 of the Criminal Code, therefore, their damage, destruction or seizure are associated with civil liability (pecuniary compensation) and increased criminal liability of the perpetrator, provided that it causes significant or large-scale damage.
  24. Complaints may be submitted to the Organizer only in written form. The complaint must provide the complainant’s mailing address, make statements of the facts that form the basis of the complaint, present evidence in support of the complaint, and indicate what the complainant demands if the complaint is accepted. In case of monetary claims, the bank account number to which the requested benefit will be paid must also be provided. The complaint must also be accompanied by copies of the tickets to the events that are the subject of the complaint and a copy of the proof of purchase of such tickets. The complaint must be signed personally by the complainant. A complaint that does not meet the above requirements will not be considered.
  25. By voluntarily entering to the Exhibition area, you are deemed to have accepted these Rules and Regulations in their entirely .

We ask all visitors to be polite and quiet and not to disturb other visitors.