Van Gogh

Immersive exposition VAN GOGH "GRANDES ÉXITOS" from the 12th of October to 14th of January in Pabellón de la Navegación, SEVILLE

After achieving great success in major cities worldwide such as Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, Dubai, Berlin, or Paris, now it’s time for VAN GOGH “GRANDES ÉXITOS” to arrive in your city. Don’t miss this immersive experience that combines art and technology. The global immersive exhibition of the great works by VINCENT VAN GOGH will be held in SEVILLE this year 2023.

One of the most delightful modern forms of the Van Gogh exhibition created thanks to modern technology.

NBC News

A remarkable experience, Van Gogh’s multimedia exhibition was beautifully presented in the Emily in Paris series.

The New York Times